We are a brand that has made a difference for many people and communities in Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Mauritius, Mozambique, the UK & so many other lives through our amazing products.

By joining Florratt you are not only empowering yourself but other farmers in the process. Some of our herbs come from the Mountain Kingdom and in South African regions as well. On all the Hampers we give out, we buy these products from local industries.

If you are supplier of services and locally produced products, you will have an opportunity to partner with us by registering onto our supplier database. We are not just a cosmetics company but also work with a myriad of medical practitioners within the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Our Motto is SIMPLE: Use our Products, Refer them to a few of your friends, family and peers and get paid for it whilst using them. It’s that SIMPLE! Here’s How:

  1. Become a Florratt Referrer by paying R600 and then receiving a Florratt Hamper Combo of products for self-use.
  2. Register through our WhatsApp Application Form and send it back together with your signed and filled out form to 073 945 1558
  3. Refer 4 or more of your friends, peers or family and start earning a minimum of R500 for completing CYCLE 1. (You would have noticed that by the time you complete this cycle, you have received R 500 of your money back). That’s great value for money!
  4. Teach them all how to do the same and you will earn yourself an indirect REFERRAL Income.
  5. You can also REGISTER on our Website ceocreators.com and open your own account
  6. Once you have paid the R600 and you have sent a Proof of Payment back to us, we will send the products to you and you will also receive a LIFETIME Membership to Florratt cosmetics and CEO Creators for you to receive discounts, prizes and loyalty rewards for using our amazing products.
  7. You will send back your Proof Of Payment either through WhatsApp to 073 945 1558 or our e-mail address payments@ceocreatorss.com or you can upload directly onto our website ceocreators.com
  8. You will receive NOTIFICATIONS on your APPLICATION Process and once that’s done, you are eligible to receive payment every Friday.
  9. We also have a HOTLINE which you can call for any questions or queries on 087 898 4492.
  10. Finally, once you have completed Cycle 9, this is where you will receive a whopping R 3,5 Million and a European Tour for 2.The first person in our Model to complete Cycle 9 will also receive a BONUS PRIZE to be revealed once you get there. All the best to you.